Am I alone or are they all deaf?

WITH the news of the cuts , I, like so many more of my ilk, hope we can keep pace with these sudden and unexpected changes in our future expenditure.

Most of our problems are of the medical kind – in my case, hearing, and getting the right treatment for my lack of hearing.

This is mainly caused through a lack of treatment for the ear wax which mounts up, more so now because some of the treatments used in the old days have been cancelled and we are left to handle this problem ourselves by trying the newly marketed spray technique – small tubes ‘guaranteed’ to melt the wax in the ear.

After running in small, cold rivulets down the neck and on to the garments – a small price to pay.

Better than telephoning the ‘ever-ready boffins’ advertised everywhere, who have all the answers and the time to talk your head off, if you can hear them.

It is fascinating how a pair of hands can make a small blob of wax receive a tiny mechanism.

They then win your admiration as well as the cheque you sign to order it.

Needless to say we remain deaf because the price is either too much or will punch a huge hole in your savings, while the holiday you might have planned vanishes.

At 93 years of age, am I all alone or are they all deaf?