AMENITIES: Act to stop this decline

Being a nice day, my wife and I decided to have a short walk along the Wansbeck, starting from the Riverside Park.

Thursday, 14th April 2016, 6:00 am
Newbiggin beach and promenade.

While the county council is considering spending in excess of £40m on new headquarters, a lovely natural amenity, there for all to enjoy, is in a total state of disrepair.

All councillors should be ashamed of themselves, putting new headquarters before something that could, and should, be a benefit to all residents.

The playground was being well used, but after that it’s a non-event – the caravan site is derelict, other than the daffodils, the shop/warden’s house is boarded up, the toilet/shower block on the caravan site has been broken into and vandalised, the toilet block on the footpath has been vandalised, and the boat shed has been set on fire. In addition, the high levels of the river during winter have left the footpaths covered in a silt, so it’s bit like walking in dust.

Anyone using the riverside for any leisure activity is left without toilet facilities, like in other popular places in Wansbeck, Newbiggin Prom, etc. Probably, it’s the same throughout the county and it’s time it was addressed.

Is it not time Northumberland County Council got its act together? If it can find the money for new headquarters, then surely it can find the money for things that matter to the public as they are the ones who put councillors in office, or (tongue in cheek) they could forgo their annual expenses as a gesture towards the residents of Northumberland, and correct some of these issues.

If the councillors walk around with their eyes open they must notice how overall things are in decline, and do not blame the government, you have a duty of care – do it.

Gordon Gilchrist