An unreasonable opinion of film

I AM not sure why Ronnie Campbell thinks that not seeing a film qualifies him as a critic (News Post Leader, January 12), but I think he might have consulted a basic synopsis before reacting blindly and rather unreasonably to The Iron Lady.

The film condenses her rise to power, political career and tribulations, through the use of flashback, seen from the onset of her dementia and memory loss.

I would say the lasting impression of the story is the considerable sad irony that such a sharp-minded woman could deteriorate mentally and physically so cruelly, regardless of her, or anyone else’s politics.

I think Mr Campbell might have at least tipped his hat to this entirely human and factual element.

If she was not worthy of merit as a prime minister, surely some acknowledgement is warranted for her getting there in the first place.

She did at least take this country to a wholly honourable war virtually alone and achieved a victory through our glorious armed forces that others would seek to emulate at great cost to their own integrity and those same armed forces.

I am sure the taxpayer won’t mind if Mr Campbell takes a few pounds from his claims in order to see the film and make a possibly more fair-handed judgement.


New Hartley