Anger over plans to increase size of quiet village

The site of the proposed new homes.
The site of the proposed new homes.

Villagers have said they are horrified at plans to dramatically increase the size of their village.

Residents of East Sleekburn have raised concerns following recent proposals from a local development company to increase the size of their community by building another 59 properties outside of the village boundary.

Sue Spillard said: “In September 2014 the same developer was granted on appeal the permission to build 48 dwellings to the North end of the village bringing a 100 per cent increase in the number of residential dwellings.

“This new proposal will increase it again, which will ruin the character of the village and overwhelm the residents living in this close knit community.”

Residents have raised issues about a failure to be consulted on the proposals, as well as fears over the safety of wildlife in the area.

Sue added: “This application does not consider the effect it will have on the local infrastructure.

“The increase in road traffic through the village from the proposed 59 dwellings would at best expect there to be at the very least another 100 vehicles.

“The residents feel that there is a real safety concern around this increased road usage and will result in congestion and disruption.

“The residents of East Sleekburn are disheartened that this development would benefit only the proposer who currently has a monopoly on the land surrounding the village, and that it would result in permanent and irreversible damage to the local environment and community.”

Another resident, Cyril Greenacre, added: “It’s bad enough this developer is considering building here, but what really galls me is the total disregard they obviously have for the detrimental effect it has on anyone concerned, or indeed the area.”

A spokesman for Northumberland County Council said that in considering the current application, they would have regard to the application for 48 dwellings as committed development.

The application is still under consideration by the council.

Consultation is currently open for residents to make comments on the application either online or in writing to the council.