Anger over proposals to move health centre

Fears have been raised that a proposal to move a doctors’ surgery could leave patients struggling to access health provision.

Brockwell Medical Group in Northumbrian Road, Cramlington, is looking to relocate to the new emergency care hospital, and is now seeking the views of patients.

But the move has been criticised by councillors and residents, who say those accessing the service will struggle if it is moved.

Town and county councillor for Cramlington Wayne Daley said: “I am extremely concerned about a potential closure and think it is wrong.

“The principal of a surgery on the site of the new hospital I have no issue with – but I do when it means that residents in the north east of Cramlington, and Northburn in particular, will be deprived of a service.

“I have been contacted by more than 250 people with concerns about the centre moving.

“This decision will affect thousands of people at both ends of the spectrum, elderly people and young mothers with babies – I am very concerned about how they will travel to the new site if this moves goes ahead.

“I have real concerns about how people will access health provision if this vital service is removed from the area.”

Coun Daley is calling for a satellite service to be left at Northumbrian Road if the move goes ahead.

Resident Doreen Morton added: “The existing patients are used to having a doctor at Brockwell and it is very unfair to ask them to travel to a new site.

“This would leave the northern area of Cramlington without a surgery having had one for 40 plus years. Why not keep this surgery as well?”

The new hospital will be the first dedicated emergency care hospital with emergency care specialists working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A letter from the practice to patients, said: “Facilities at the new surgery would be a big improvement on what we have now at Cramlington where we are quite cramped.

“We know that travelling to the new site would be an issue for some, while for others the new site would be nearer and therefore more convenient.

“Our patient population covers a large geographical area that we recognise it will not be possible to please everyone.”

Drop-in sessions will take place on Monday, January 27, at the Brockwell Medical Group from 6.30pm to 8pm, Seaton Sluice Community Centre from noon to 2pm and Seaton Terrace surgery from noon to 2pm.

Alternatively people can email their comments to or by calling 0800 0320202.