Ann elected new head of the council

Cramlington Town Council has elected its new chairman for the forthcoming year.

At its Annual Meeting last week, the council elected Ann Mitcheson as its new chairman and Trevor Ambrose as vice chairman.

In the recent elections Labour took control of the town council from the Liberal Democrats and now comprises eight Labour and four Conservative councillors.

Ann, who represents the Cramlington East ward, has been a town councillor since the council’s inauguration in 2009.

She said: “It is a great honour to be elected as the first Labour chairman of the town council.

“I look forward to a period of greater co-operation and good will between councillors of all parties.”

At the meeting the council agreed to re-introduce public question time prior to all full council meetings and also to hold four public consultation meetings a year in venues across the town.

This will allow residents to put questions on issues which are important to them and their community.

In a further move, the council agreed to scrap all charges for the Cramlington Clipper community bus, which will now be a free service funded jointly by the town and county councils.

People using the bus will still be required to register with the town council but will not be charged for this, and anyone who has already paid will receive a full refund.

Conservative group leader Wayne Daley said: “I welcome the steps taken by the new administration and I look forward to a period of co-operation where politics take a back seat to the best interests of the residents of Cramlington.”