Another town visit for Angels

Brought to you by the News Post Leader.
Brought to you by the News Post Leader.

On a cold and windy weekend day, the Angels for Europe group encouraged Cramlington shoppers to share their Brexit views.

Of the 89 people who responded, 45 voted Remain in last year’s referendum, 41 voted Leave and three did not vote.

Angels facilitator Bridget Gubbins said: “There was a slight change of opinion since the referendum, leading to a swing of 2.3 per cent from Leave to Remain.

“We will be sending the survey results to Ronnie Campbell MP, as Cramlington is in his Blyth Valley constituency.”

Members of the group have also written to Mr Campbell and Northumberland’s three other MPs, including MP for Wansbeck Ian Lavery, in relation to a debate in Parliament, which is scheduled to take place on Monday, December 11, about whether there should be a referendum on accepting any final deal that emerges from the Brexit talks.

The proposed referendum would allow for three options – revoke Article 50, thereby keeping Britain in the EU; reject the UK-EU deal and leave the EU; accept the UK-EU deal and leave the EU.

The letters include the following: ‘As your constituents, we are asking you to attend the debate and support the proposal that there should be a second referendum, especially given that the decision will affect the UK for decades and not just a parliamentary term.’