Apologising for inconvenience

I AM writing in response to Mr Nevin in North Seaton (News Post Leader, letters, November 1.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience caused and to reassure Mr Nevin and other customers that we are currently implementing plans to improve the reliability of this service.

The 20/X20 services are currently linked at Ashington to provide a through service from other areas and have been experiencing delays which unfortunately has had a knock on effect to their timings when leaving Ashington bus station for Newcastle and return.

In order to rectify this we will be introducing a temporary solution on November 25 when these services will be split at Ashington bus station, this should ensure that journeys from Ashington will leave on time on both routes.

We will, of course, be offering through fares at Ashington by change of service from service 20 on to any service to Newcastle, which run seven times an hour during the day (services X20, X21 and X22).

In the meantime, we would ask Mr Nevin to contact our customer services team on 0844 800 4411 so we can respond to him directly.


Area Managing Director

Arriva North East