Apology for tickets error

On behalf of Northumberland County Council, I would like to apologise to drivers who received parking tickets in Blyth during the weekend of the ‘Blyth Battery Goes to War’ events.

Due to the large volume of visitors to Blyth beach, we set up an overflow car park and allowed additional parking along the beach area.

Unfortunately, due to a communication error, a number of drivers received tickets for parking in unmarked bays.

We have a team of parking enforcement officers who do an important job across the county, and under normal circumstances, tickets would be issued to cars incorrectly parked. In this instance, however, we got it wrong and we should have adopted a different approach.

We have cancelled all of the tickets issued to visitors to the Blyth beach area over the weekend. We will refund any fines that have been paid, and would ask anyone in this situation to contact us.

There are some fantastic events and attractions in Blyth this summer including the Northumberland Live music festival, Tall Ships and the Tour of Britain and we are reviewing our plans to ensure that parking and local transport works for the benefit of everyone.

Coun Liz Simpson

Deputy Business Chair

Northumberland County Council