Appalled by state of playing fields

AS a resident of South Beach estate in Blyth, I am appalled at the amount of litter that is left on the public playing fields in the middle of this estate.

I recently retired from work and began taking our dog for his morning walk, a task my wife has always undertaken until my retirement.

But I have found that each morning, especially after the weekend, these playing fields are so badly covered by discarded bottles, cans, crisp packets, sweet wrappers, half eaten food, carrier bags etc that it can only be a serious health hazard for anyone who uses these playing fields.

On Monday of last week I was so disgusted at the amount of litter lying around that I contacted Northumberland County Council to complain.

I explained to them that the field nearest to the children’s play park areas was the worst affected and that one of the rubbish bins on a post near the open play area had been ripped off its post and the contents strewn all over and that a larger bin inside the fenced children’s park was overflowing.

I asked that someone from the council come out and see for themselves how bad the situation was and that this problem needs addressing.

That same evening I actually returned to the playing fields to photograph the offending litter, and found the situation even worse than it had been that morning, as by this time there were a lot of youngsters about.

Whilst taking photographs I was horrified to come across discarded used condoms as well as all the cans, papers, packets and broken bottles.

The following morning I again walked to the playing fields to find that the council had been out and cleared it all up and they had removed the bracket for the bin that had been broken.

But by the next day the situation was just as bad as it was before, and it has got even worse each day.

I am trying to get the council to do something to keep on top of the situation but feel that the residents also need to be involved as do our local schools.

People need re-educating about disposal of litter.

The younger generation seems to be oblivious of the dangers to public health that litter causes, that it encourages vermin and vermin carry disease.

There also needs to be more control of irresponsible dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs.

This is a huge problem everywhere and is a huge health risk, especially to young children.

The residents of South Beach and surrounding estates should appreciate the facility they have in these playing fields, not every estate has this type of facility as it provides a place for children to play, space for dogs to exercise, joggers use it, so why can’t people keep it clean for everyone.


South Beach