Appalled by state of town

I have lived in Bedlington all of my life. I have two small children and up until this past year and half I have always been more or less happy with the town.

I am appalled at the council, Who in my opinion need a good wake-up call.

I have noticed a lot of other residents complaining about the state of the town and how run down it has become.

Dr Pit Park has always been a favourite place to take my children. I played there as a child.

One of the things I always liked is it was manned daily by a park keeper. They maintain the park well keeping it nice and safe. It is a green flag award-winning park. Not for much longer.

I am aware that there are huge concerns with the park now. It turns out it is no longer locked up at evenings and is only manned three days per week.

There are teenagers using this to their advantage, noise, alcohol-fuelled behaviour and sexual activity on weekends.

The bowling area used by elder residents is now used as a football pitch and a toilet.

It is being ruined as rubbish is left anywhere but in the bins.

The children, both young and old, are climbing on to the high roof of the toilet area, the water recycle and the large storage area to play ‘chicken’ by jumping off.

It is an accident waiting to happen. There is a metal fence near by and it only takes one slip and a child could be killed.

The use of bad language is appalling. People are dumping their sweet wrappers and cigarette ends, cans of pop etc where they stand.

Worse is the dog walking. They know what day the park is manned and when it is not and are not cleaning up after their animals.

I have seen the police called to the park on an evening when it should be locked up. What can they do? They tell them to get down from the roofs, but once the police leave they are climbing back up or returning to the park for their other ‘activities’.

What a waste of police time and money. It would be safer and cheaper to lock the park up.

The housing estate surrounding the park is an embarrassment. For quick access to the park you can cut through the estates.

One section has a small green area where my children would run as I walked the path, but now the paths and roads are uneven.

I now refuse to allow my children to walk through without holding my hand as the paths leading to the park are appalling too, with the surface coming away and dog mess.

Then we have the main street. From boarded up shops to shutters pulled down on shops/buildings, what an eyesore.

The half finished building next to the Market Place club that has stood half finished for a long time now. No one has done anything about it.

I read in the newspaper about the council possibly moving in to the library building, with the current building they are in going up for sale for residential build.

So the council don’t plan to provide any facilities for the people and children of Bedlington, they plan to sell the building for more private care homes or private houses.

I did notice that nothing was mentioned about what the plans are for what they will do with the money once they sell the land/building.

Right now other than Bedlington having flowers put up around the main street, I can not see where they have spent any money, apart from the bandstand, which even on a sunny day is not used.

That was not a necessary, they could have spent that money on something more resourceful and beneficial for both younger and elder generations in Bedlington.

The main street is an accident waiting to happen.

The paths are uneven on both sides. I have seen people trip.

It is heartbreaking to see rubbish dumped among the trees in the woods.

I walked with my children from Humford woods to the Black Bridge, then over the old bridge. Rubbish was scattered throughout the walk and bags dumped.

This was once such a proud town with a real sense of community. It is now being torn apart and left to wreck and ruin.

We pay our taxes like everyone else does, surely we deserve to have something put back in to what was once a beautiful place to live. Surely our children and future generations deserve better than this.

How can such a lovely town get so run down and neglected? How can our local council allow this to happen?

What are the Bedlington and Northumberland elected councillors doing about this? Surely they too have been in Bedlington to see how run down it has become?

And I dread what is yet to come next.

Name and address supplied