APPEAL: Good deeds bring light

I am writing to thank all who have been involved in our annual Christmas Shoebox Appeal.

The Lynemouth community and friends have worked throughout the year in fundraising, wrapping boxes, knitting hats, shopping for toys and packing shoeboxes.

We have been joined again this year by Northumberland Church of England Academy, William Leach Campus and Josephine Butler Primary Campus, and our thanks go to all pupils and staff who participated.

Between us we have sent more than 700 boxes filled with love to needy children around the world, a great contribution again to this worthy cause.

The boxes were collected by International Aid Trust and will be distributed to help shine a little light into what is a very dark world at the present time.

I would also like to offer my thanks to a very thoughtful young man who came to my aid in McDonald’s at Moor Farm.

I was to be picked up by my daughter but had forgotten my mobile phone to contact her.

I asked a staff member if they had a phone I could use and the young man, overhearing me, left the table, put his phone in my hand and said, ‘Here if you need to make a call use mine’.

I was grateful and my problem was solved, but much more than that was the feeling of happiness I felt that such a young person would respond in this spontaneous way to offer help to a stranger.

I told him that he was my Good Samaritan and he really brought a ray of light to me that day.

That light still shines for me as I think of this thoughtful and helpful action.

Heather Grey