Appreciation for support of stores

ON behalf of Bedlington Christian Fellowship’s ‘Matthew Project’, I extend a huge thank you to the staff and customers of Morrisons in Bedlington and Asda’s Cramlington and Ashington stores for their support and generosity during our recent food collections.

Also the many local churches, organisations and individuals who have donated food for distribution.

Food parcels are gifted to families and individuals in crisis and consist of supply of enough basic food to cover three days.

Parcels are supplied by a referral system through local agencies.

Since the project was launched in December, more than 130 parcels have been gifted in and around Wansbeck.

The project is ongoing with the next phase to provide recycled and new school uniforms and baby clothes.

Anyone interested in knowing more about the project can contact me on (01670) 829062 or call in at Bedlington Christian Fellowship Vulcan Place.


Project co-ordinator