Apprentice scheme has little value

Ian Lavery praises Ed Miliband for wanting young people to take apprenticeships (News Post Leader, Window on Westminster, October 17), but such a scheme is doomed to failure.

In olden times you bought an apprenticeship for your teenage son, and he went on to learn a trade which would – in theory at least – allow him to earn a living for the rest of his life.

The scheme was open only to those who could afford it, but otherwise it had much to commend it.

Nowadays apprenticeships tend to be along the lines of working for a low wage and in many cases learning very little of any real value.

They broadly resemble the disastrous Youth Training Scheme of the 1980s, which betrayed a generation of young people.

My advice to any government is to stop training people for jobs they will never have, and instead concentrate on creating jobs.

Nevertheless, I do expect that Ed will be our next prime minister, but only because David Cameron is just as hopeless.

Quentin Hawkins