Are these smart meters not optional?

I was puzzled to read in the article about smart meters by Ronnie Campbell, MP, that ‘every home in Blyth will have a smart meter by 2020’ (News Post Leader, August 1).

I was told by my energy company that to have them installed was optional.

In the USA, the meters have proved controversial, and energy companies have been hit with lawsuits from customers regarding privacy, health concerns and increased bills.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change here, in its Impact Assessment of July 2010, estimated the cost of roll out to be £10bn, which cost is to be passed on to the customers via their energy bills.

For myself, I cannot see how having such meters, with their alleged health hazards, will help reduce my energy bills – once I have paid for the meter, that is.

I presume that, like most people, I use the amount I need and no more. If you need the energy – you use it.

Megan Allan