Are they mad, bad or stupid?

Are the Tories mad, bad or stupid? Or all three? The party’s Right wing is doing all the running in preparing the Conservative manifesto for next year’s general election. And the buzzword is ‘privatisation’.

Not content with selling off Royal Mail at bargain basement prices, and not content with the shambles of the privatised rail network – with the exception of the state-owned East Coast main line –they now want to wreck the NHS and the state education system.

Take health. Last year the coalition enacted ‘reforms’ which amounted to back door privatisation of the NHS, injecting ‘market values’ which puts profit ahead of patients and tried to turn family GPs into mini-corporations.

Now Tory strategists, dominated by Right-wing think tanks, want to see more private wards in hospitals funded by the taxpayer, allowing those who can afford it to jump the queue for life-saving operations.

The Centre for Reform in Education wants to resurrect a concept officially ditched years ago – a voucher system for funding state schools.

It is a formula for ensuring that working-class youngsters know their place by offering them limited opportunities to go on to further education, while offering breaks to the elite institutions such as Eton, Harrow and Oxbridge. Places where more than half the current Cabinet went.

Mad, bad or stupid? You decide.