Are we being kept in the dark?

I WAS pleased to read (News Post Leader, July 5), that Cramlington Town Council had awarded £20,000 to various voluntary and community groups working within in the town.

After council meetings earlier this year, when a major communications problem was highlighted, across the town, with residents complaining that they don’t receive information from the council about meeting, events etc.

Cramlington SOS suggested a community newsletter and offered to produce it.

Cramlington SOS requested community chest funding of £500 for start up costs.

Sadly, Cramlington Town Council refused our request, as it could compromise it on future planning issues as we oppose the development of the land north of Station Road.

Newcastle City Council had no such problems funding the Friends of Chadderton Field, when they also opposed the developers.

The manager at Manor Walks also offered to have notice boards in place for the council to display information – but the council do not seem to have taken advantage of this either.

Or perhaps the town council would rather residents were kept in the dark?