Area is becoming a place of shame

THERE are rising numbers of reports finally appearing about youth disorder and anti-social behaviour in Newsham (News Post Leader, October 20).

Why it has taken so long to be reported on surprises me because it is certainly not a new problem in the area.

Particularly in the evenings and at night there are groups of kids and teenagers wandering the streets in packs acting in a way that would not be out of place in a ghetto.

Most of the people are well aware of what these youngsters are up to since Northumbria Police are back and forth dealing with problems that are being caused.

So what excuse do they have for allowing it to continue?

Is it simply the mentality that as long as they are causing trouble away from the nest then it is not a parental problem?

Or is it purely that they have no care and respect for the area and the residents within?

I don’t buy into the ‘there’s nothing to do/for the kids in the area’ excuse that is normally bandied around in such situations – that is no reason for anyone of any age to be acting like mindless scum.

I used the term ‘ghetto’ before and this is exactly what some parts of Newsham is becoming.

One can only hope that more people will report the issues and either the ‘problem’ will cease or be moved on elsewhere before the place becomes more of a shame to live in than it already has become.

A plea to all the decent people in the area: stop turning a blind eye, hiding behind your curtains or taking a ‘don’t want to get involved’ attitude and help sort out the area you all live in by reporting the problems you see.

Other people have already started doing so, but without witnesses standing up and putting names to the faces then the decline will only continue.