Army reserves are given town freedom

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A fusilier regiment has been awarded the freedom of a Northumberland town.

The Fifth Royal Regiment of Fusiliers was awarded the freedom of Cramlington at a ceremony last Tuesday at the town’s war memorial.

The freedom scroll was accepted by Lieutenant Colonel Karl Mace, who is the commanding officer of the fifth fusiliers.

The fifth fusiliers is the Army reserve infantry battalion, which covers an area from Alnwick to Bishop Auckland.

Around 500 people attended, including members of the Fusiliers’ Association and the British Legion.

The fusiliers’ band played whilst the fusiliers from Z Company, town dignitaries, cadets and the people of Cramlington sang hymns.

Lieutenant Colonel Karl Mace said: “This is a great honour and I and my regiment, are very proud to receive the Freedom of Cramlington.

“We are very proud to be part of Cramlington and the wider community and look forward to many years to come of a fruitful partnership.”

On completion of the presentation of the Freedom of Cramlington, the fusiliers and the people of Cramlington fell silent for a two minutes’ silence.

Earlier this year the town awarded Paralympian Stephen Miller the Freedom of Cramlington.