ART: County has much talent

I would like to thank the News Post Leader for drawing my attention to the exhibition showcasing the work of Desmond ‘Des’ Hudson, who sadly has passed away without receiving the credit he truly deserved for his beautiful art.

I did manage to purchase one of his paintings and it has already taken pride of place on my living room wall. Thanks also to his family for allowing the display to happen.

Having just moved to Northumberland about two months ago, I find that the News Post Leader is a great source of local information and has pointed me to quite a lot of activity in music, art and craft in the area, which has opened my eyes to a great deal of local talent that I may have otherwise missed.

The venue for this exhibition is a wonderful example of how support can be given to the community to stage such crafts. I was also impressed by the other works on display and to find that the East Coast Art Club uses the venue to encourage locals to take part and help it to get the most from this rewarding pastime.

The enthusiasm from the volunteers who run the Woodhorn Lane Gallery at Newbiggin is a credit to the community and long may it be maintained as a facility for art classes.

It is great to see a Labour administration in the council being a flag-bearer for the arts, continuing the long tradition of welfare activities in mining communities throughout the years. The pits may be gone but the spirit will live on for a long time to come.

Rab Stewart