Artwork to bring Europe to Blyth

A series of unusual and thought-provoking artworks are to take over public spaces across Blyth.

Friday, 6th May 2016, 7:50 am
Young people create miniature art galleries in the shape of birdhouses.

More than 20 international artists and groups from south east Northumberland will be part of the CORNERS of Europe programme, on display from May 9 to 22.

Last year, artists from around Europe visited the United Kingdom to meet local people and exchange stories, resulting in a series of new projects which engage the local community.

Sharon Bailey, co-director at ISIS Arts, the UK partner for CORNERS, said: “CORNERS tells stories that aren’t often told and connects them to people from across the corners of Europe.

“The fantastic thing is that a story told on a street corner in Blyth may also be told on street corners in Donostia, Gdansk and Prizren.”

Sheila Biggs, an artist living in Blyth, has been working with Croftway Primary Academy and The Buffalo Centre to run creative sessions linking to the Corners of Europe projects.

She said: “It’s really exciting that all of these artists and projects are coming here and will bring a new perspective to our town.

“I’m looking forward to connecting people in Blyth with those they might not normally meet and involving them in things they might not normally experience.”

Rachel Adam, project director at bait, said: “We’re delighted to be working with ISIS Arts to bring CORNERS to Blyth.

“It’s great that an ambitious international project is shining a spotlight on south east Northumberland.”

Over the two weeks, people will be welcome to explore the free projects across Blyth from an audio walk on the Commissioner’s Quay to an installation of woven bags across the Market Place, with a number of talks, film screenings, workshops and events.

Visitors can take an alternative guided tour of Blyth and re-discover the place they thought they knew with Safari Here.

Residents on the Croft Estate can take part in Windows; a spectacular outdoor audio visual event, where people will be asked to answer a series of questions about local and global issues.

Shoppers can discover why an installation of large bags will be built across Blyth Market Place for Oh My Home – Lost & Found, and watch a series of short performances that ask us to reflect on and re-define the meaning of the word ‘home’.

Students from Blyth Academy will create miniature art galleries in the shape of birdhouses as part of Birdhouse Gallery.

In a series of workshops, Voiceover will gather more stories that will be shared both locally and across Europe through a live radio broadcast on Blyth Market Place, where local people will be able to hear personal stories connected to social, environmental and industrial change and share their own.

To find out more about CORNERS in Blyth visit