Artwork gives subways a lift

Unsightly underpasses in Cramlington are being given a new lease through an artwork commission.

Three subways will feature designs by local artist Daniel Weatheritt, with the support of pupils from Cramlington Learning Village and primary schools in the town.

As a pilot scheme Cramlington Town Council has sponsored the preparation of the artwork.

The first subway under Dudley Road approaching Cramlington Learning Village, was officially unveiled on Thursday.

Twelve panels will be in the Dudley Lane subway, and work will begin shortly on two further underpasses.

Daniel said: “All of our illustrations responded to the theme of ‘Cramlington’, with a real mix of styles from the students involved, from watercolour paintings to cartoons to optical illusions, along with some fantastic work using dip pens and ink.

“I also contributed some illustrations, including a vision of ‘Cramlington in the Carboniferous Period’ millions of years ago, and a design all about ‘Roundabouts and Rabbits’.”

The Cramlington Learning Village site is intended to be phase one of ongoing underpass developments.