Ashington firm brings a splash of colour to school's skiing trip

Students from one of the UK's oldest and most elite schools were kept warm on a recent skiing trip, thanks to an Ashington company.

Sunday, 13th May 2018, 11:37 am
Updated Sunday, 13th May 2018, 11:46 am
Staff and students at Westminster School in their pink onesies made by The All-in-One Company.

The All-in-One Company successfully crossed the north-south divide to make 50 pink onesies for students and staff at Westminster School on their annual trip to France.

It is the second year the skiers have worn onesies that had been handmade in Northumberland.

And the school, which is 700 years old, says it will be ordering another 50 next year.

Teehan Page, who teaches philosophy and English at Westminster and organised the visit, said: “We wanted a different team garment – everybody was doing sweatshirts and hoodies, helmet covers and trapper hats.

“Our school colours are pink so we thought it would look odd, eccentric and splendid.

“Initially some of the kids were a bit self-conscious, but they realised that if you walk around a ski resort dressed as a giant toddler life just gets nicer.

“People love it. The hotel recognises the school and, most importantly, it means that we can spot them.”

The All-in-One Company marks its tenth anniversary later this year.

Founder Kate Dawson said: “Ten years have gone by in a flash.

“Despite a lot of scepticism at the start, we knew that we had a ‘snuggletastic’ product.

“Like any business, it has not always been plain sailing, but we are proud of what we have achieved and very excited about what’s to come.”

The company has helped revive manufacturing skills and trained apprentices to ensure those techniques survive.

It has also harnessed the latest technology to allow customers to design unique onesies through the All-in-One Company website, and introduced innovative mass customisation to its production process.

As well as Westminster School, its high-profile customers have included celebrities and television programmes, such as The X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother.

The All-in-One Company’s team of designers, cutters and machinists at Ashington has now made 66,000 onesies from its customers’ bespoke designs.

For more information about The All-in-One Company visit its website