Ashington firm jumps at chance for new feature

An Ashington company is increasing its options for customers.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 10 August, 2018, 18:42
Polar Krush is introducing new self-serve stations at Infinite Air.

Iced drinks manufacturer Polar Krush has installed new self-serve stations at the indoor trampoline and free-run park Infinite Air.

Michael Reid, sales director, said: “The latest instalment of the Polar Krush stations at Infinite Air will see sales soar because we know young customers will be eager to get involved with making their own refreshment at the park.

“Not only is this self-serve option an alternative way for customers to experience Polar Krush, it’s also a focal and visual point for the park as a business.”

Austin Carney, director at Infinite Air, said: “We want people to have as much fun as possible at Infinite Air and the new self-serve Polar Krush stations add a fun element and create some theatre around getting a drink.”