Ashington’s war memorial should be given pride of place

Regarding Mr Simpson’s letter (News Post Leader, October 3) about Ashington’s war memorial, I’ve never thought Ashington had a decent memorial until the erection of the current one.

For many years it was nothing more than a notice board screwed onto the wall of the cricket club.

This was replaced by a work of nouveau art, which looked like three large bottle openers stuck on a concrete block.

The current memorial is more traditional and much more appropriate, but like Mr Simpson states, not well sited.

In most town’s war memorials are in prominent locations.

In Ashington it is as if our memorial was bunged away behind the high street as a afterthought.

In an age when the word ‘hero’ is liberally used when referring to sports stars, movie stars etc, let us not forget those who have died so that we may live.

They are true heroes in the literal definition of the word.

Ashington war memorial should be given pride of place in the town centre, not tucked away behind the shops.

It is no more than the young men and women commemorated on our town’s memorial deserve.

William Elliott