ASSOCIATION: Meet up with shipmates

I would like to bring to your attention the Royal Navy Shore Establishment HMS Collingwood because if you say 'HMS Collingwood', or 'Royal Navy Electricians', a lot of readers will smile and wonder where their old shipmates are, and think about 'that parade ground', reputed to be the biggest in Europe before some of it was built on.

Tuesday, 19th July 2016, 6:00 am

In 2017 it is the 70th anniversary of the Electrical Branch being formed. But lots of other people lived and worked there – cooks, writers, seamen, stokers, stores, etc.

So where is everybody and how do you get in touch?

There are two wonderful associations, both of which have reunions, arrange visits into today’s HMS Collingwood and are the means of getting in touch with old shipmates.

The HMS Collingwood Association is for anybody who served there, be they seamen from the Second World War, the cooks who fed them, the Wrens who clothed them, or the stokers who kept the boilers going, right up to the present day. Membership secretary Peter Lacey is on [email protected]

The more specialist Royal Navy Electrical Branch Association was formed for those who served in any of the derivatives of the Electrical Branch. It is more aimed at ships served on to try to reunite members on specific commissions.

This association is linked with the Royal Navy and the name has been changed to the Royal Navy Electrical and Weapons Engineering Branch Association, and can include those serving at present. Membership secretary Iain Crawford can be contacted on [email protected]

Looking for old shipmates? Both Peter and Iain would be pleased to hear from you and set you on the right road.

Mike Crowe

Isle of Wight