Author dies at age of 95

An author and broadcaster from south east Northumberland has died aged 95 after a long illness.

Linda McCullough-Thew, of Sylvan Close, Morpeth, was born Linda Summers in Ashington, and her first book The Pit Village and The Store was published in 1981 and later dramatised by Channel 4 in 1987.

In 1942 Linda decided to join the ATS (the women’s army) where she was trained in anti-aircraft radar, which became the title of her second book, From Store to War, published in 1987.

After the war she took a teacher training course in Newcastle leading to a career in a number of schools, where she pioneered sex education including several series of programmes on human relationships which were broadcast on radio and television.

Her final book published in 1992 was a prequel to her first and told of her childhood in the Rows in Ashington, entitled A Tune for Bears to Dance To.

Linda’s funeral took place in Blyth on Wednesday.