Authority should be taking action

I WISH want to report a similar worrying event to that on the front page (News Post Leader, June 2), which involves the beautiful trees that grow in this area but are equally vulnerable to destructive events.

Here at Carew Court in Cramlington we have had one of our new dustbins burnt out and it now looks a sorry sight, but the men have refused to take it away, presumably before a case is opened to follow up what happened.

Also we have had damage done to two of our lovely trees, which were finally cut down altogether.

We have tried to make less of this outrage so it is not really discussed.

But how far does it have to go before more shattering attempts take place to rouse the anger we feel and before the authorities do something?

We are all elderly and way past the time for fisticuffs, and slower to come to some sort of fight-back, we look to authority to take a stand here before someone gets hurt.