Baby boom for Wansbeck Hospital’s maternity ward team – Video

THE maternity ward at Wansbeck Hospital’s had a spectacular baby boom - but it’s amongst the staff, not the patients.

A total of seven midwives, a consultant and a secretary have either just given birth or are pregnant and the majority of them will be returning to the unit to give birth.

Janice McNichol, head of midwifery at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We deliver babies every day in our busy maternity unit however it’s extra special when it’s our colleagues giving birth.

“Given the nature of our workforce it’s not uncommon to have one or two of our staff who have just given birth or are pregnant at the same time however to have so many at once is somewhat unusual.

“It’s great that the majority of them are having their babies with us and that is because they have total confidence in the skills of their colleagues and know they will receive the highest quality of care.”

Midwives Amanda Johnson, Suzanne Whittaker and Sarah Scott have already given birth.

Midwives Jenny Gregory, Laura Radford, Louise Slater and Paula Hawkins, consultant Elaine Simpson and secretary Joanne Linley are all expecting their babies in the summer.

Amanda gave birth to baby Haydon at the unit 11 weeks ago.

Amanda, from Ashington, said: “I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else to give birth. I know everyone there and I knew that I would be well looked after.”

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