Back a Brexit for jobs and services

I am so sick of unelected bureaucrats in the EU telling elected representatives in Parliament what to do. Who are these people, and who put them in power?

Thursday, 17th May 2018, 4:48 pm
Ronnie Campbell, Blyth Valley MP.

It has now been said that the European Commission is “playing hardball” on Brexit because it fears a future Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn.

Commissioners’ “real fear is state subsidies under a Corbyn government”.

The leak added that British policy had remained “unchanged for generations, but now there is a real chance of a left-wing government reversing it”.

I got stick from some of my Labour comrades because I backed Brexit for good old-fashioned socialist reasons. Now I feel vindicated.

The next Labour government will take back control of public services such as water, electricity, the post, power and the railways, something the EU is hell-bent on preventing.

Instead, Eurocrats want to lock policies promoted by Margaret Thatcher, which killed off coal and other heavy industries, into British law “to protect ourselves and the single market”.

This is another example of the EU putting private enterprise ahead of public service.

It is essential that supporters of Labour’s election manifesto, For The Many, Not The Few, get off the fence and fight for a Brexit based on jobs and public services, and against any attempt to force a second referendum or keep Britain in the single market or customs union.

A Corbyn-led Labour government intent on public control of essential services and control over the terms of procurement and investment of public funds would be hog-tied from day one by EU competition law and state-aid rules.

The latest leak has blown the lid off the secret of Remainers who want to scupper Labour’s programme before any election with a deal that keeps future British governments confined within a right-wing straitjacket.