Back on home ground

Alan Rutherford, managing director of Fastrack Flooring.
Alan Rutherford, managing director of Fastrack Flooring.

An international industrial flooring company has moved back to its roots.

Fastrack Flooring, originally from Cramlington, branched out into a number of regional offices covering the whole of the UK, but is now back in Northumberland.

The company decided to merge all of its offices into one, and is now situated in a commercial office and unit space, owned and managed by Arch Commercial, at Blyth Riverside Business Park.

With more than 35 years’ experience, Fastrack Flooring offers a range of specialised and bespoke flooring to a number of commercial customers, including factories and warehouses, outdoor and indoor car parks, hospitals, offices, outdoor pools and kitchen areas, with contracts nationally and internationally, in locations including Belgium, Norway and Paris.

Its move back to Northumberland follows its need for a larger storage space and the desire to move back to its roots, with a central office that is easy to access for any deliveries received.

Fastrack Flooring managing director Alan Rutherford said: “Arch has been really helpful and efficient in sorting out any queries that we have had with our new unit.

“We were keen to get back to our roots in Northumberland, where the company initially started out.

“It’s a fantastic location, with plenty of parking and we have been able to adapt the building to create office space as well as a storage facility.”