Backing for centre rescue plan

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A RESCUE plan for the current Ashington Leisure Centre is being backed by councillors at nearby Newbiggin.

Town councillors there want to see the present building refurbished for sport and other services moved together on the main street in the town centre.

Coun Will Rogers said: “A few months ago, the county council was baulking at paying £700,000 to fix the swimming pool, and now it’s talking about spending £20m.”

Coun Mike Kirkup said: “There’s a lot of support for the old Ashington Institute.

“A lot of people don’t want a new building. They want all of it put back into the old Ashington Leisure Centre.”

It was agreed at last Wednesday’s meeting, held at St Bartholomew’s Church Centre, that the plan to keep the leisure centre in situ be supported.