Backing in bid to end this tax now

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My bid last week in the House of Commons to call for an end to the so-called ‘bedroom tax’ received almost unanimous support.

Using the ten-minute rule I was able to seek support to axe a Bill that has caused more misery perhaps than any other since this coalition came to power.

I am delighted to say that 225 fellow MPs supported my proposal will now receive a second reading next week.

Only one MP opposed my proposal, which I think speaks volumes for the anger that has been generated around the country by this tax.

Few measures introduced by the Tories – with the full support of the Liberal Democrats – have caused such misery for thousands of people.

This onslaught on the poor and disabled on whose backs this government seems determined to balance the books, has caused desperate suffering to so many.

The pernicious ‘bedroom-tax’ has forced people into debt and driven a growing number to seek help from food banks simply to put food on the family table that they cannot afford to buy.

The Labour Party has already pledged to axe the tax as one of our first acts when we are returned to government, but each week I see people who simply cannot afford to wait until that happens.

Families being pushed into poverty need this tax axed now, so I hope my fellow MPs support me next week in restoring justice to more than 650,000 people who are being cruelly penalised.

Sadly two-thirds of them are disabled and among the most vulnerable of people who should be protecting.