Bad habits in county’s kitchens

People in Northumberland are being encouraged to think about food hygeine after a survey revealed a number of bad habits in the region.

A Food Standards Agency poll suggests people in the region are endangering their health when cooking at home after 81 per cent of those asked admitted to habits that put them at risk of food poisoning.

This includes 16 per cent admitting they would eat food that has been dropped on the floor and 18 per cent not washing their hands properly before preparing food.

The kitchen horrors were exposed at the start of the national Food Safety Week, which runs from June 10 to 16 June.

Following the agency survey’s results, Northumberland County Council’s public protection service is now encouraging people in Northumberland to undertake an online ‘Kitchen Check’.

Philip Soderquest, acting head of public protection at the council, said: “Good food hygiene in the home is essential to avoid food poisoning, which can sometimes affect an entire family and is easily avoidable by following simple food hygiene rules.”

Most people don’t believe the food they cook at home can make them ill, but they can be a source of food poisoning.

To find out more information on safe eating in the home and to take the Kitchen Check, visit