Banning payday loan sites will mean people go to loan sharks

Although I am not a fan of the payday loans society we live in today, I must take issue with the naive actions of Coun Laura Pidcock after petitioning the council to ban access to payday loan companies from council computers.

As I see it, the only thing she has achieved is making someone who is in a desperate situation and has no access to a computer go to a loan shark, where a default in a payment won’t only result in being pestered for extortionate amounts of interest, it could also mean being pestered for extortionate amounts of interest as well as getting beaten up or having your windows put out.

Plus, after the actions of the mainstream banks in recent years who have nearly bankrupted this country with their greed and who are still in receipt of massive bonuses funded by the tax payer, and who also extorted huge amounts of money from people and they never knew it through PPI, is the councillor also going to crusade to ban access to these equally unscrupulous establishments from council computers?

I think not.

Les Amour