Beach needs to be cleaned

I feel I must write this letter in protest at the way Newbiggin beach is becoming one of the most dirty and dangerous beaches to take your dog out walking.

The amount of fishing hooks, lines and sinkers left lying on the beach is disgusting.

Twice this week I have had to take hooks out of my dog’s mouth with bait and line attached just in time before they did any damage.

In the summer we are not allowed to go past Dixon’s corner shop down the beach and we are left with the needles eye part, which is rubbish.

The rest of the beach is kept neat and tidy for the holidaymakers, which is fair enough, but in the winter months when the beach is opened up, anything goes.

They are more concerned about picking up after your dog (which I always do) and fining people who don’t than keeping the beach clean and safe for dog walkers.

There are hooks, fishing lines, sinkers, beer cans, broken bottles, plastic bags and all kinds of rubbish left lying around for our dogs to pick up or, God forbid, a child putting a hook in their mouth or standing on one.

It is about time the council got this sorted out.

Two people recently had to have their dogs put to sleep because they swallowed hooks, others have ended up with hooks in their own hands when taking them out of their dog’s mouths.

This is just not on.

I would like a councillor to reply to this letter and give an answer as to why this is being allowed to happen.

They must be aware of this situation as many people are complaining.

Disgruntled dog walker

Name and address supplied