BEACH: Take lessons from Costas

While the council has done a good job in modernising the promenade area of Blyth beach, I feel the beach itself is a let-down.

Saturday, 28th July 2018, 6:56 am

The stretch beneath the prom is strewn with rocks and pebbles from winter storms, making it useless for people trying to sit or negotiate, and it could potentially be a danger for all ages.

On a recent visit to South Shields beach with my granddaughter, I was very impressed – not a pebble or litter in sight, just immaculate, clean sand.

I think they must use some sort of machine to sieve the sand like they do on the Spanish Costas.

Although money is tight these days, surely a day’s hire of such a machine to clean the beach wouldn’t break the bank, and it would make the area much more attractive and family-friendly.

Also, what is happening with the old farm behind the coastline? It is a blot on the landscape and spoils the entrance into Blyth and the beach area.

If no one wants to develop it, then why not level it and turn it into parking spaces? We are always short of those, especially in the summer months when some great events take place.

Mr R Wilkes