Bedlington bike marking event

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Cyclists in Bedlington are invited to come and get their bikes security marked for free.

Officers from the neighbourhood policing team are holding three bike marking and crime prevention events in the town next week and are urging cyclists in the area to come along and get their bikes security marked.

The events will be held at Burnside, Bedlington Station, on Tuesday, September 23, between 3pm and 5pm; Kings/Queens Road, on Wednesday, September 24, between 3pm and 5pm; and The Oval, Bedlington Station, on Thursday, September 25, between 3pm and 5pm.

Cyclists can turn up on the day and have their bike security marked for free and speak to officers about crime prevention.

Bedlington PCSO David Johnstone said: “The benefits of marking and registering bikes is that they can easily be identified by police should they ever be stolen or go missing .

“Easy Identification means that bikes can be quickly reunited with their rightful owners and offenders can be quickly arrested and brought to justice.

“Property marking also deters would-be thieves in the first place by increasing their chances of being arrested and by making the bike harder to sell on.”

PCSO David Johnstone will also be attending Bedlington First School in September and October speaking to pupils about crime prevention and security marking their bikes.