Belief in kindness of human nature raised and lowered

I just thought I would write to share an occasion which both raised and lowered my belief in the kindness of human nature.

On October 15 I was involved in an accident at the Annitsford/Fordley roundabout.

I was cycling home from work and going round this roundabout when a car failed to notice me and hit the front of my bike.

The next part is a bit of a blur for obvious reasons, but I was flung from my bike and crashed to the ground, hitting my head and then landing very hard on my side then back.

The car drove off without stopping, heading on to the road to the Moor Farm roundabout.

I am certain the driver could not have failed to see me at this point and can’t believe that someone would not stop to check how a fellow human being is.

I was wearing hi-vis clothing and had lights on. I was also wearing a cycling helmet, which saved me a lot of injuries.

I would like to thank the people who stopped to help me, though.

To the young pedestrian who helped me up on to the path, thanks for your help.

To the lady in the VW Beetle, thank you for stopping and offering the use of your phone.

To the gentleman in the grey car who gave me a bottle of water and helped pick me up from the road, I owe you my thanks and at least a pint to replace the water.

They all raised my faith in human kindness.

I was in a bit of shock, naturally, and didn’t want a fuss, so let them go without taking their details.

I did go on to hospital and was kept in overnight in for observation, but I am doing OK.

I’m not sure how I would ever have got myself to the side of the road without their help, and I really can’t thank them enough.

I hope they read this so they can know of my appreciation, or if people know them please pass on my thanks.

On a separate note, the police are investigating the incident and if anyone witnessed this, could I ask them to come forward and contact Northumbria Police.

Name and address supplied