Big mistake by council

I read about the proposed demolition of the New Dolphin and Railway Inn in Newbiggin (News Post Leader, October 16), which has an historical place in the community.

The proposed development of the site is to include council services, including library and public toilets etc.

In Cramlington we recently lost our iconic Parkside School building and you would not believe the loss many residents and past residents and pupils felt and are still feeling.

The shell of this solid building could have been kept and redeveloped inside to incorporate a decent sized library with reading room, heritage centre with classroom (most of our history has been destroyed by planners and developers and what is left transferred to Woodhorn Archives), a police station (our proposed station is to be upstairs in Manor Walks), council services, community coffee shop, rooms for hire and the halls could have been used for sports such as badminton and dancing etc.

The opportunities were endless and would have created a real buzz in the community, and there would have still been land left over for houses.

Big mistake by Northumberland County Council.

In Newcastle city centre they have learnt some lessons from the destruction of iconic buildings in the 1960s and are preserving the facades, although some of the new buildings are to be regretted.

I commend the residents who are opposing this Newbiggin development and wish them well.

Doreen Morton