Bill and Ben back at cafe

Bill and Ben outside Mister Ridley's in Blyth.
Bill and Ben outside Mister Ridley's in Blyth.

A popular duo have returned to their rightful place outside a Blyth cafe after requests from the public.

Bill and Ben are once again taking pride of place outside Mister Ridley’s in Ridley Park, where they are to make regular appearances at weekends and school holidays.

The flowerpot men figures were built in 1964 by Bill Allan who worked at Dinsdale House as a public health officer, and were introduced to the park by the chief park superintendent at the time, Ken Earnshaw.

They were re-built in 1983 by Alan Hancock who created a weed out of Perspex, and their latest makeover, which took place around three to four years ago, was completed by Ken Park when he repaired the legs and replaced the broken pots.

Beverley Gallon, owner of Mister Ridley’s, said: “We have received many messages via social media and email, as well as verbal requests for Bill and Ben to return.

“And now, thanks to public demand, the duo are back on show in the park.”