Bill is an attack on ‘Big Society’

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In the past few weeks I have received numerous items of correspondence from residents on issues from Syria to the Badger Cull.

However, in my time in parliament so far, nothing has generated so much controversy as the Bill currently going through the Parliamentary process.

The unwieldy titled ‘The Transparency of Lobbying, non-Party campaigning, and Trade Union Administration Bill’ has generated almost 300 e-mails from ordinary people scared at the prospects of what it will achieve.

The Bill was supposedly introduced to tackle the big money in politics, but completely misses the point.

It allows corporate lobbyists to continue and instead takes aim at charities, campaign groups and trade unions.

People like, Tory advisor, Lynton Crosby, left unaffected to continue pushing the interests of big money, but organisations taking a view on anything which might become political are gagged.

This is an attack on what Mr Cameron called his ‘Big Society’.

An attack on those who have opposed the terrible economic and social policies of the coalition government.

Sadly this Bill will mean less engagement in the political process due to the new regulation and the uncertainty of what could happen to individuals and groups if they accidentally break the law.