Billy battling to save stables from demolition

A VILLAGER ordered to remove a stable block from his allotment has vowed to fight to save it.

Retired Billy Dunn, of Park Road in Lynemouth, built the stable block for his daughter Sam’s four horses.

He says he believed he had consent, but Northumberland County Council’s south east area planning committee refused to grant retrospective permission for it, as reported in last week’s News Post Leader.

The council has issued an enforcement notice requiring removal of the stable, but says a temporary structure would be allowed.

Mr Dunn plans to appeal against the council’s demolition order, saying he will answer all the council’s criticisms.

He said: “I cannot get over why they have come to me about this.

“The stable is properly built by bricklayers and it’s fire-proof.

“It cost me £6,000 to put it up.”