Birds given some space

A ringer plover on the beach.Picture by Richard Dunn.
A ringer plover on the beach.Picture by Richard Dunn.
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A council has joined forces with conservationists to provide a safe place for birds to nest in an area of beach.

As beaches get busier, shorebirds such as ringed plovers, oyster catchers and terns jostle for space with beach users and their dogs, and it can be difficult for them to find a safe place to nest and raise their chicks.

Now Northumberland County Council has fenced off a small area near Druridge Bay Country Park, and it hopes that excluding people and dogs from this area during the summer will allow the shorebirds to colonise the area and successfully fledge their young.

A grant from the Northumberland and Tyneside Bird Club has paid for the fencing materials.

This work complements measures already in place at the Long Nanny Burn in Beadnell Bay and at Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve to protect shorebird colonies.

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