BIRDS: Hawks are the killers

I read with interest the two recent letters regarding birds killed by cats.

Wednesday, 16th May 2018, 7:00 am

I think I can throw some light on the problem and state that it’s the sparrowhawks that are taking control.

I believe these birds of prey are being reared and released into the wild to the extent that they are out of control.

In my view, the RSPB, backed by the governments for a number of years, has created a gross imbalance due to placing these birds as an endangered species.

It’s come to the point where they have lost control as its estimated these killers take ten million song birds a year to survive.

The pigeon fanciers of this country are losing birds at an alarming rate when exercising or racing their birds. It’s not a pleasant sight seeing a pigeon being torn to pieces while still alive.

All the pigeon fanciers are asking that these birds of prey be taken off the protection list and brought to an acceptable number.

J Tynemouth