Blooming marvellous

Just a few lines to say well done to the Bedlington in Bloom team for making the town’s entry into the awards as good as it possibly could be.

Each of the members has played a part and it is no good picking out any individuals because it has been such a team effort.

The commitment, determination and camaraderie have been apparent from the word ‘go’, and let’s not forget this group has only been in existence for about nine months.

At the spring judging the judges remarked that the portfolio this group had offered was ‘ambitious to say the least’.

Not only have all those ambitions been delivered, many more projects which were picked up along the way have been delivered too.

It does show what can be achieved with the right people and the right community spirit. Hats off to you all.

Also, let’s not forget to thank the Northumberland County Council staff who have gone out of their way to prepare their responsible areas and add to the ambiance so obviously abroad in the town at present.

Of course the mindless hooligans have been out, notably at the weekends, pulling hanging baskets down and destroying the tubs of planters the Bedlington in Bloom group had just planted.

If anyone sees these halfwits, please report them, we can’t let them drag the town down to their level.

Malcolm Robinson