Blyth lifeboat assists three boats in one night – VIDEO

Blyth Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) lifeboat launched to assists three boats with engine problems in one night.

Blyth’s RNLI inshore lifeboat launched shortly before 7.30pm on Monday, September 1, to go to the assistance of the Marie Rose, a 28ft fishing boat with three persons on-board which had suffered engine failure to the east of Blyth.

The volunteer crew launched the station’s inshore lifeboat and were alongside the Marie Rose within fifteen minutes of being paged. After checking that the three persons on-board were safe and well a tow was rigged and both vessels proceeded up the river Blyth to the north ferry landing.

After the Marie Rose was safely moored up on its berth the lifeboat returned to Blyth lifeboat station and as the crew began to re-fuel it was noticed that another vessel the Hard Times had broken down in the river Blyth just opposite the lifeboat station.

Contact was quickly made with the crew of the Hard Times who requested a tow up-river. The lifeboat re-launched and went alongside the vessel which by this time had managed to re-start one of her two engines so was escorted up river.

Upon ensuring the second vessel was safely alongside Humber coastguard requested that Blyth lifeboat go and assist Newbiggin lifeboat with a yacht they were towing from the north to a berth in Blyth’s south harbour, the crew assisted Newbiggin lifeboat with the mooring of the yacht and then returned to station. Both Newbiggin & Blyth lifeboats were ready for the next service call by 10pm.

Blyth RNLI Deputy Launching Authority (DLA) Ronnie Hatcher said: “It just goes to show that no matter what the conditions, boat owners should still take all of the necessary safety precautions as even with a calm sea on the north east coast like tonight, incidents can still happen.”

As well as providing a rescue service, Blyth’s volunteer lifeboat crew are in the final stages of preparation for their annual quayside family funday which is being held on Saturday, September 6, from 11am to 5pm.