Blyth Tall Ship benefits from trust’s awards

The ship.
The ship.

A trust has awarded more than £72,000 to community projects across the county.

The Wellesley Trust has awarded its first round of grants through the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, that saw a total of £72,746 split between 15 projects to support young people across a wide range of youth projects, with a particular interest to those with maritime links.

One group that benefitted from a grant of £8,754 was Blyth Tall Ship, which was awarded to purchase large machine tools for marine engineering apprenticeships and training courses.

Blyth Tall Ship deliver day school experiences in traditional boat building for ten to 14-year-olds and foundation learning in engineering skills for 14 to 28-year-olds.

Jonny Bell, a boat builder and trainer at Blyth Tall Ship, said: “I would like to thank the Wellesley Trust and the Community Foundation, who have allowed us to purchase large machine tools for our marine engineering trainees and apprenticeships. We use high ratios of trainers to learners to ensure the very best opportunity to learn and progress our learners into future employment.”

David Watson, secretary of the Wellesley Trust, added: “The Wellesley Trust is delighted to have made its first round of funding to local projects in our region.

“By working closely with the Community Foundation we identified young people as our main priority, and we’re delighted to give something back to the local communities of which Wellesley originally operated.”

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