Blyth Valley MP backing apprenticeship campaign

Blyth Valley MP Ronnie Campbell is backing a campaign to raise awareness of the opportunities that apprenticeships offer to young people and the businesses hiring them.

Mr Campbell is one of 100 MPs pledging to champion apprenticeships in their constituencies as the government heads toward its target of having got three million such traineeships under way by 2020.

The campaign is being led by Stratford-on-Avon MP Nadhim Zahawi, prime minister David Cameron’s adviser on apprentices.

Mr Campbell said: “I absolutely believe apprenticeships offer a brilliant opportunity for businesses to help develop the careers of young people here in Blyth Valley and ensuring the workforce of the future has the skills it needs.

“People such as Jamie Oliver, Stella McCartney and Alex Ferguson all started their careers as apprentices, not to mention many of today’s business leaders.”

“I want local young people to be the rising stars of the future and local employers to help grow that talent.

“I will be writing to local business setting out the significant benefits and how to get involved.”

Mr Zahawi added: “I am delighted that Ronnie Campbell is backing apprenticeships in Blyth Valley.

“We delivered more than 2.3million apprenticeships starts during the last Parliament, which is a record to be proud of.

“For every single one of those apprenticeship starts, there was a person gaining new skills and hands-on experience, giving them a brighter future.

“This is why it is so important to ensure that Blyth Valley is a key part of the drive toward the three million, ensuring that even more opportunities are created, and I am delighted that Ronnie will be doing just that.”

The formal launch of the campaign will be held in the House of Commons next month.