Bombardier grave to get renovated

The grave of a Bombardier who died 100 years ago will be renovated in Cramlington.

January 4 marked the 100th Anniversary of the accidental death of Bomardier G R Bull at Shankhouse, Cramlington, at the age of 20.

At the time of his death he was in Acton, and enlisted in 1914 as a bombadier in the Royal Field Artillery, 1st London Brigade, billeted at Cramlington.

As the troop came out Bull was sitting facing backwards on the gun carriage as was the correct procedure, and hit his head on the arch, more or less dying instantly before even going to war.

He was given a military funeral with band, and coffin on a gun carriage and the town came out in force with all the soldiers, and was buried in Mayfield Cemetery.

In commemoration of WW1 the Rotary Club of Cramlington are having his grave renovated.